Apple Hill

Apple Hill

Apple hill is one of my favorite places to visit in the Fall!  It started as an association of 5 ranches but has grown to over 50 ranches including fruit growers, bake shops, wineries, a spa, a brewery and christmas tree growers. It is a beautiful place to drive through and has quite a few wonderful stops along the way. The best analogy I can give is think of Napa or Sonoma…replace wineries with apple farms and a few wineries and a brewery. That’s Apple Hill. You basically just drive around the BEAUTIFUL scenery, go to all the different farms and orchards and stuff your face with delicious apple products. There’s apple cider donuts, apple dumplings, apple pie, apple beer, apple wine, apple fritters, apple cider, apple cider milkshakes, caramel apples, apple brownies, apple cookies…oh, and lots of APPLES!

Here is a map to all of the locations at Apple Hill:  Apple Hill Map


1. Jack Russell Brewery
Really fun atmosphere, great beer, and a REALLY good Mead (honey wine) served in a very fun area called their wine cave.

2. High Hill Ranch
This apple farm has a cute little lake to relax by, great apple wine, apple beer and delicious fudge!

3. Madrona Vineyards
Delicious wine of course, particularly their Petite Sirah.

4. Lava Cap Winery
Beautiful scenery, and a great cabernet.

5. Abels Acres
Cute craft vendors and REALLY good caramel apples!


These are directions from El Dorado Hills to one of the first stops in the Apple Hill area called Boa Vista Orchards. From here you can continue on to some of my favorite spots in the area.